Tuesday 9 August 2011

Save Teenagers From Posture Related Pain

New studies indicate that many children are becoming obese, My own study on 10,000 children revealed painful postural problems like neck pain often treated as spondylosis or some vague name given by senior doctors. I see nowadays many such misdiagnosed school children. Teachers are not aware that how to correct posture problems in children. Schools are often boasted of for their computer facilities; parents are not aware that none of those work stations are suitable to requirements of small bodied children.     
I came across one such case son of my friend an athlete and great runner; boy is of 13 years had regular severe pain and the MRI investigation revealed loss of normal curvature of the spine in the neck thus increasing pressure in the discs jelly like cushions between the vertebrae. Careful correction of posture during sitting, standing, studying and using computer helped him. Most important posture correction exercises for a long time are helping him even now.

One Day I was walking across one street in Old city of Hyderabad, India; I saw one young boy being massaged by traditional masseur. I kept on thinking, how times have changed; parents have reduced their time towards children, I mean with time, they have cut down their commitment in looking after their emotional needs. There is increasing focus on studies thus preventing out door activities. Lack of regular exercises and playing develops the sedentary habit among children.     

   You can see the MRI images here, they appear as if the spine is of a aged person and likely to attract surgens with their knife......Dear parents just think.......

  • 30-45 min of game is a must for every child
  • Cut down sitting
  • Correct pillow while sleeping
  • Lot of love from parents
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